SOlid Ground


We have known for some time that paving our parking lot would be a huge benefit to our church. It would be a blessing to parents of newborns with strollers, to those with any kind of physical disability or injury, and to the safety of our elderly.  As we sought to get bids for what it would cost to pave the parking lot, the cost was more than we expected, coming in around $260,000 to pave the entire lot.  

After the initial bids, one of the companies reached out to us to let us know that they wanted to bless our church by offering to do the paving job for the cost of the material only and they would donate the labor.  They also offered to allow us to do this paving in sections.  This generous offer dropped the cost of the project down to $143,000 in total.  The first phase of the job will only cost $66,000.  This will allow our young families to actually use their strollers and for handicapped and elderly to have safe parking on smooth, level, solid ground.  

This is an opportunity we don’t want to miss, and so we are asking you all to give above and beyond your tithe to the Solid Ground Campaign.  As soon as we have the money raised, we will begin the project and add just another way that we can serve our members and community with our facility.  We hope that you will pray about how the Lord would lead you to be a part of this amazing opportunity that He has opened for Gateway.

You can give online at or in person.  Either way, please make a note that you would like your giving to go directly to the Solid Ground Campaign, and as the money is raised we will update our progress in our church lobby and on our website.  Thank you for being a part of what God is doing at Gateway Community Church.
Our Phase 1 goal of $66,000 will pave the south section of the parking lot in front of the office and student building, as well as provide handicap accessible parking next to the main building's south entrance.