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Worship update for Gateway

Worship Return and new Service!
10:00am   In-Person
11:30AM   Drive-In Style 

How our church is moving forward.
Under our improving circumstances with the coronavirus, we as a Staff want to access God's wisdom and be practical.  We want things to continue to improve and we want our church family to remain safe.  Therefore, we will continue to distance our worship seating for children's ministry and our main worship service.  We also will be requiring that every Kindergarten age and up wear a mask for the foreseeable future.  Lastly, we hope that you all will come early and stay late to visit with each other because you love each, but we ask that all gatherings of fellowship happen outside for now.
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Dear Guests & Gateway Family,

I wrote the following words to you 10 months ago….

We know that many of you are ready to gather together again and our staff is very excited to be able to be with you all again soon as well.  If you remember when all of this began, I sent a video about how and why we were taking the steps that we were in this Covid-19 season.  I read from Jeremiah 29 with a focus on verse 7 that says, “7 But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.”  One of the main reasons we focused on this passage as a guide for us was because the context of the verse.  The people of Israel have been scattered all over the Babylonian empire and are not being allowed to gather.  Rather than revolt and become a nuisance, the Lord instructs them to seek the welfare of the city that they don’t want to be in and cannot worship together in.  This idea of seeking the welfare of the city is true for us today even when there is no Covid-19 issue.  That is why in I Peter 1 & 2 we are called aliens in this world.  We all long for the day that the church will be gathered in Heaven from every tribe, tongue and nation to worship and serve our God perfectly for eternity.  Even so, we are to live the best that we can and seek what is best for our communities in our small pockets of local churches until that day arrives where we will gather as one.  

That calling and mission has not changed for us.  But, for the first time in over a year we are beginning to see real and true progress in overcoming a virus that has literally impacted our entire world on every level.  Since January 13th, our state has been in a strong and steady decline in new cases and hospitalizations.  Our state has also been a nationwide leader in administering the new Covid-19 Vaccine.  Our local Deer Creek schools have returned to 4 days a week in person schooling.  Due to this progress and clear direction from God, our staff and leadership feel that it is the right time to begin to return to worshipping together in our building.  We will have our first in person worship service March 21 at 10:00am, and our first full Wednesday Night of in person programming March 24 at 6:30-8:00pm.  Wednesday’s will include elementary children and student ministry programs, as well as a time of prayer and worship for adults in the worship center.

We are aware that many of you will not feel comfortable to return to in person worship due underlying medical conditions. Others of you will want to wait until you are vaccinated.  Some of you are just not ready and don’t feel comfortable returning inside for worship.  Therefore, we will continue to have a Drive-in style service at 11:30am.

Though it is a return to worship in our building, it will be with safety protocols in place and some that are required.
  • Our chairs will be spaced in groupings that are 6ft apart.
  • Masks will be required for all persons on campus at all times from Kindergarten age and up.
  • Before and after service, gatherings of people will need to happen outside and not in the lobby. Only first-time guest will be allowed gather to visit with our staff and greeting team at the first time guests area.
  • We will have air sanitizers in lobby and all children’s areas.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the building.
  • Extra Masks will be available at the door.
  • Community Groups need to still space out as much as possible and we strongly encourage that they wear masks when together, but they are not required.

Pray:  Please pray for Tori, Mike, the Deacons, and the Ministry team leaders in this time as we all try to balance logic, wisdom and listening to the Lord for leadership moving forward. Pray for us as church that we never take gathering to worship in person for granted again.  Pray that this return would not be about ourselves but about building each other up.  What a sad return it would be if our hearts were focused on what we want or what we missed instead of the Lord, His word, His praise, and His people.

Church, we cannot wait to see you all again in person.  We know that for some of you these steps may seem too slow and to others they may seem too fast. Church, what I can tell you is that we have genuinely prayed and debated for nearly a year on how to lead in this time.  Even so, none of us know 100% if what we are doing is right, but we are all giving it our best.  We love you all enough to want to gather again, but we also want to proceed with an abundance of caution to protect you and our community.  Remember…..WE GET TO.  WE GET TO seek the welfare of the city.  WE GET TO share the hope of the gospel in this time.  WE GET TO give when there is not as much to give.  WE GET TO pray more than we have before.  WE GET TO trust God more than our plans and strategies.  And WE GET TO do it TOGETHER!  Our staff and leaders love you Gateway and our Deer Creek Community. We will see you all soon!

We Get To,

Daryl Reininger
Lead Pastor Gateway Community Church


10:00 AM (In-Building) & 11:30 Drive-In Style

23887 N. Macarthur Blvd. Edmond, OK. 73025

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