We have known for some time that paving our parking lot would be a huge benefit to our church.

  • Paving the church parking lot will benefit parents with strollers, those with disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Initial paving cost estimates were around $260,000 for the whole lot.
  • A company offered to pave at material cost only, donating labor, reducing total cost to $143,000.
  • Paving can be done in phases; phase one is $66,000.
  • The paving will provide safe, smooth parking for strollers, handicapped, and elderly.
  • The church is launching the Solid Ground Campaign for additional funds.
  • Members are encouraged to donate beyond their tithe to start the project.
  • The church asks for prayers and support in this new opportunity provided by God.
Solid Ground Campaign

Our Phase 1 goal of $66,000 will pave the south section of the parking lot in front of the office and student building, as well as provide handicap accessible parking next to the main building's south entrance.