get ready to move at VBS 2023!

June 12th-15th from 6:00-8:30 pm 

Let's  get READY TO MOVE  this summer as we learn that  we can follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere! Get ready to play fun games, create awesome crafts, and learn about Jesus in an engaging way. VBS is a free event for kids going into PK- completed 5th grade. Join us for our BEST WEEK OF SUMMER!  

What is VBS?

VBS stands for Vacation Bible School but we lovingly refer to it as "the BEST week of summer!"
It is a week filled with lots of energy, jumping, excitement, and fun! Your child will have a blast while learning about how much Jesus loves us, wants us to follow Him, and how to love other people the way Jesus loves them.  Our goal is for every child who walks through our doors to feel welcomed and loved, have fun, and hear the good news of Jesus Christ! 

What will my child do at VBS?

When you first arrive at Gateway, you will be greeted by one of  our volunteers. They will show you where to go to get your child checked-in. Your child will meet up with their group leader and the other kids. We will play "pre-games" until 6:00 when it is time to start!
All the groups will begin with  "Opening". This is a high-energy time where we have group competitions, sing songs, practice our Bible verse, and watch the Bible Story Video for the day.

Our groups will then split off for rotations. They will rotate between Crafts, Games, Exploration Station, and Get in the Zone. Exploration Station is where the kids will hear the Bible story and do a hands-on activity or experiment.
Get in the Zone is where the kids will learn how to apply the Bible story or main point to their daily lives by playing games and activities. This rotation is also when the kids get to eat yummy snacks!

After all the groups have completed their rotations, we will come back together for Glow Time and Closing. Glow Time is a glow in the dark dance party. Closing is when we wrap it all up for the day by reviewing our main point and Bible verse. We also sing a song and reveal which group is in the lead for getting to slime their leaders and Mrs. Tori. 

What should my child wear to VBS?

Your child will be most comfortable in clothes and shoes they can run and play in. Most of the activities are indoors but Games will go outside one or two of the nights. We do have theme nights, but please make sure your child can still run and play in their theme night outfit! 


Game Day Monday: Wear a shirt from your favorite sports team! This can be your own team, your school, a college or professional team you like.

Ready, Set, GLOW  Tuesday: Wear your neon clothes!

Wild Hair Wednesday: Crazy hair day or hat day!

Team Spirit Day: Wear your groups color from head to toe!