We have created a welcoming environment where kids can learn about God’s love for them through fun, kid-friendly lessons. Kids’ ministry has the privilege of helping build a foundation for their faith. We look forward to partnering with parents in helping children discover who God is, what He did for us, and how we can live our lives for Him.
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Sunday mornings


Our main focus in the baby room is to help the baby feel loved and secure. Our volunteers are committed to meeting the baby’s needs, playing with the baby, praying for the baby, and speaking truth about God to the baby. It is never too early for our babies to hear that Jesus loves them.


Our toddler class is for our 18 month olds- fully potty trained 3 year olds. Each month, we focus on one of our foundational truths: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever! Our toddlers will hear a Bible story each Sunday that supports the truth they are learning about. The Bible story will be presented in multiple ways because repetition is an important factor for helping our littles ones learn and remember. Our toddlers will spend their class time playing and learning about Jesus in a hands-on, engaging way.


Our preschool class is for fully potty trained 3 year olds- completed Pre-K. Our preschoolers are busy having fun and learning from the time they walk in until they are picked up. Like our toddlers, our preschoolers have a new Bible story each Sunday that supports the foundational truth they are learning about. They kids will have activities, games, and crafts that help them experience the story and apply it to their lives.

Wednesday Nights


We combine our babies and toddlers on Wednesday nights. The kids will spend time playing, singing, and reviewing the lesson from Sunday. The more they hear the story, the more they will remember it. Our babies and toddlers experience the story through Bible story cards, a short Bible story video, retelling the story with props, and developmentally appropriate activities.


Wednesday nights have quickly become the favorite day of the week for our preschoolers! They start the night with an opening game or activity that peaks their interest to the Bible story. The kids will watch the Bible story video followed by their teacher telling the Bible story. They will play through the story by acting it out or using props. The kids will create a craft and play games that go along with the lesson. Wednesday nights are full of hands-on experiences and fun, engaging lessons that keep our kids ready to come back the next week!

Sunday Mornings

9:30 am    

Wednesay Nights

6:30-8:00 pm

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