Drive it in, Live it out!

Guests and Gateway Members,
We will be worshiping together again in person, it'll just be a little different.  The worship service will be Drive-In style.  This means that we will have a stage in our parking lot and all of you will be watching from the cool comfort of your car.  The worship, testimonies and sermon will be transmitted to your radio which will make the sound clear and allow you keep those windows up with the AC blasting.  You can tune in through your radio, just tune in to 97.7fm.This style of meeting together will allow anyone to attend.  Even those with pre-existing conditions and those above the age of 65 can attend without the worry of being exposed to Covid-19.  

Here is what you need to know about that Sunday. 

Download Gateway OKC App-   We are asking that everyone download our church App.  Just go to your App store and search for Gateway OKC and download it for free.  This will allow you to have worship lyrics, sermon notes, announcements, etc.

Tune in to 97.7 to hear everything clearly for our service. 

Follow the Flags for parking- When you arrive please the southernmost driveway (closest to Sorghum Mill Road), and look for volunteers with orange flags and orange vests directing you where to park.  This will make parking safe, efficient and allow us to park as many cars as possible.

Exit when dismissed-  Please do not exit when until you are dismissed via announcement.  This will help with traffic flow but we also will have an area for first time guests to drive up and meet our staff at a safe distance so we want to give them that opportunity as well.
invite Someone to come-  I have talked with people who don't want to go to church because wearing a mask bothers them, others in worry about the virus, others because of being high risk, and some because they don't want to expose their children.  So invite someone to follow you to church.  It could be their first time to worship with a church body in months and it could be their first time to ever worship with a church body. Either way AWESOME.

See you Sunday at 10:00am

We Get To Gateway Community Church.

Drive it in, Live it out, Gateway!